Do you have questions? Chances are if you’re wondering about something one of your co-panelists is as well. Post your question or idea here and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Click on “read more” to post or see comments. 


  1. Gin says:

    This is Gin popping in to share my two cents, because I’ve got lots of pennies cluttering up my life.

    Can’t wait to read/hear everyone’s speeches!

  2. Gale Smith says:

    Hi! This is Gale. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday afternoon. Looks like this is coming together well, thanks to those who are doing the put-it-together work for us all! I have looked at Zoom and now waiting for the email giving us the info for connecting and am excited. I just saw the list of questions for the afternoon session and will shoot off a note with those answers today.

  3. Susan Faitos says:

    Gail and Gin,

    Thank you for your comments! I’m looking forward to our first panel call tomorrow.

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